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Vet Assistant/Receptionist

Renee has been a staff member at Oak Park since 2000.  Renee has Basenjis and Bernese Mountain dogs, two dogs are ranked as top agility dogs in the country for their breed.  She also competes in obedience, rally obedience, drafting and herding.  Renee is passionate about training dogs. She uses positive training methods to obtain a great working relationship with her four legged children.  Renee is always willing to give new puppy owners some valuable training tips.  She believes if you spend a few months working hard with your puppy you will have a beloved and well behaved family member to add to you household.  Renee currently has three Basenjis: “Marq”, “Aspen” and “Oakley”; two Bernese Mountain Dogs: “Peyton”, and “Eli”; and one cat: “Dobby” (Dobby was rescued from under a dumpster near the office).